How The Hell Did We End Up Like This {Kellin Quinn}

How The Hell Did We End Up Like This {Kellin Quinn}

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Rayleigh Matthews is starting new. New home, new school, new people, new love interest? 

Kellin Quinn, the schools baseball team captain, hangs with the popular crowd, popular girlfriend he has it all, along with his fair share of dark secrets. 

When Rayleigh and Kellin cross paths will she trust him enough to catch her when she falls, will Kellin trust her with his dirty little secret? Will she trust him with hers? 


This is a Kellin Quinn AU set in high school. AU meaning alternate universe when Kellin isn't in sleeping with sirens but other bands like All Time Low or Pierce The Veil may co exist

Reminded me of bts of king for a day when Jaime walked into the door XD
Kellin if you're gonna be a dick might as well put a condom on your head. If you're gonna be one might as well look like on too
I have read to many Kellic fanfics that I just imagined her Sam as Vic