Back To LaPush(Sam Uley FanFic)*Completed*

Back To LaPush(Sam Uley FanFic)*Completed*

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WynterChance By WynterChance Updated Mar 20, 2013

I thought I'd go ahead and try to write a story on here. This is my first story, and I may or may not continue it, I'm not sure. I was browsing Wattpad fanfics and there was like 2 Sam Uley Fanfics... Not cool. Haha. 


Copyright Notice: All characters except for June, Mae, and Robert, belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Ok, sorry for boring you to death right there! Let's begin!


Prologue: Moving Back

"JUNE! HURRY UP!" My oh so loving Aunt Mae screams from downstairs. I sigh. 

I don't want to leave, at least not to LaPush. I mean, really? Orlando, Florida to LaPush, Washington. Can you see my reluctance? 

I used to live in LaPush, until I was 5. Then we moved to Florida, and now I'm going back.

"COMING!" I yell. My Aunt Mae and Uncle Robert hate me. I think.  

Apparently if I hadn't of wanted to go to Sea World really bad whe...

Would have freaked out and kicked him where the sun don't shine no matter who he is
Baby_Wolf_ Baby_Wolf_ Aug 07
I don't know if I would faint. I probably be like "WHAT!!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! My dream FINALLY came true". Yeah I'm weird
MsMovinOn11 MsMovinOn11 Feb 22
Girl if you joke about being a unicorn one more time I will slit your throat
ShamelessXoXo ShamelessXoXo Aug 09, 2015
Awww, feel kinda bad for her... to be marked and not know what's going on...
WynterChance WynterChance Mar 03, 2013
@wolfpacklovestories sure!!(: and thanks! I've written a sort of sequel to this one about Embry Calls imprint as well!
TwilightFanfictionxo TwilightFanfictionxo Mar 03, 2013
This is good ! 
                              Hey, do you think you could please read my fanfic ? 
                              Its on my profile and is based on Embry Call :) 
                              It would mean heaps!