Back To LaPush(Sam Uley FanFic)*Completed*

Back To LaPush(Sam Uley FanFic)*Completed*

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WynterChance By WynterChance Updated Mar 20, 2013

I thought I'd go ahead and try to write a story on here. This is my first story, and I may or may not continue it, I'm not sure. I was browsing Wattpad fanfics and there was like 2 Sam Uley Fanfics... Not cool. Haha. 


Copyright Notice: All characters except for June, Mae, and Robert, belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Ok, sorry for boring you to death right there! Let's begin!


Prologue: Moving Back

"JUNE! HURRY UP!" My oh so loving Aunt Mae screams from downstairs. I sigh. 

I don't want to leave, at least not to LaPush. I mean, really? Orlando, Florida to LaPush, Washington. Can you see my reluctance? 

I used to live in LaPush, until I was 5. Then we moved to Florida, and now I'm going back.

"COMING!" I yell. My Aunt Mae and Uncle Robert hate me. I think.  

Apparently if I hadn't of wanted to go to Sea World really bad whe...

chloeRebeccaWEST17 chloeRebeccaWEST17 Sep 19, 2016
Would have freaked out and kicked him where the sun don't shine no matter who he is
Adrianams4 Adrianams4 Dec 31, 2016
Thank u someone agrees with me MORE SAM ULEY FANFICS PEOPLE!!!
Baby_Wolf_ Baby_Wolf_ Aug 07, 2016
I don't know if I would faint. I probably be like "WHAT!!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! My dream FINALLY came true". Yeah I'm weird
MsMovinOn11 MsMovinOn11 Feb 22, 2016
Girl if you joke about being a unicorn one more time I will slit your throat
ShamelessXoXo ShamelessXoXo Aug 09, 2015
Awww, feel kinda bad for her... to be marked and not know what's going on...
WynterChance WynterChance Mar 03, 2013
@wolfpacklovestories sure!!(: and thanks! I've written a sort of sequel to this one about Embry Calls imprint as well!