Electro [hs]

Electro [hs]

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knittingkneedle By knittingkneedle Updated Aug 10, 2016

After admittedly the world's crappiest suicide attempt, eighteen year old Charlie Hogan cannot be trusted to be home alone and is shipped across the country to stay with an absentee, dead beat dad in Florida. And thus begins a summer of transformation; of beaches and swampland, retirement homes and the Electro Complex; an anarchic, anachronistic, apocalyptic world filled up with violence and hedonism, home to the best friends Charlie will ever find.

And then there's this mixed up boy- the kind who shoots lightning bolts up your spine, right into your skull- who's about to screw with Charlie's whole world.

Forget everything you know about boy meets girl, Electro is a hot wet soup of gender identity, Dr Freud, Dr seuss, interminable sexual obsession and prosthetic penises...[hs au]

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Tanzina23 Tanzina23 Jan 16
Did you change Charlie into a male as Charlie was a female in the first chapter?
Youngmoney3215 Youngmoney3215 Nov 27, 2016
PENIS! 🍆🍆 now that i have your attention, go check out the story i just posted!
Sublimellach Sublimellach Aug 11, 2016
"The fires of hell need stoking befire unleashed"
                              This is so accurate... im fonna say this to my parents everytime they get mad now XD
-delacours -delacours Aug 25, 2016
Omg this sounds like my mum and step dad except he already has kids but they might online and married each other within 2 months
Deekshadreamz Deekshadreamz Aug 16, 2016
I know what it exactly means..loving how real this book is.
                              Not any drama or fake crap..it's just extremely beautifully written
-delacours -delacours Aug 25, 2016
True af I went from Paris to London ( home ) and it cost £250 so I can only imagine America.