Was A Nerd But Now A  Bada**(Back in Biz Niz)

Was A Nerd But Now A Bada**(Back in Biz Niz)

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Sofia is the omega of the Crescent Moon Pack. They are the most feared and strongest pack in the United States. Sofia has gone through everything. Abuse. Neglect. Slavery. She thought that her life couldn't get any worse. Her family treats her wrong because she is a 15 year old and hasn't shifted yet. Sofia already believes that her life means nothing. But when the alpha-to-be, Jacob, seems to be her mate and rejects her she can't take it and run away. She soon is raised by the elders along with other kids who she has grown to know as sisters and brothers. Now 5 year later she is the strongest she-male in the United States. And did I say she is also the alpha of the new best pack of the world. The dark eclipse pack stands behind their alpha 100% because she's loving, caring, and can protect her pack from danger. The next thing she knows her perfect life goes downhill when she has to go back to her previous pack. But she's not the old Sofia. She is a new Sofia with an A+ attitude and a BADASS personality. How will Jacob react to see his once weak Omega mate is now an alpha of the strongest pack in the world? Will he want her back? Or better yet does she even care anymore? Read know the unknown.