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My Brothers Bestfriend

My Brothers Bestfriend

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Eliza By RogueRen Updated May 24, 2014

NEW STORY :D hehe this one is a real life story, its whats going on between me and a boy, the names are real, the happenings are real.... so beleive it :P hehe ill update as more things happen between us ;) but im startin from the very start of our 'friendship or wateva it is' so this chapter happened at the start of this year so ive got sum time :)

i didnt really edit it either cuz im flatout atm with exams, competing (horses) and other stories but yeah, the song is T-Pain Take your Shirt Off, you will understand the songs relevants soon enough :)







He was my brothers' best friend. He was amazing in every way, yes, but I never saw him and i being an it couple I always just saw him as my brothers best friend. Simple as that. 

He was an actor of all kinds, musician of all kinds, dancer of all kinds and I was a horse rider nothing more.

When I saw him, the first thing th...

RogueRen RogueRen Jun 07, 2011
@gennyfromtheblock hehe thnakyou :D uploaded just then let me no wat u think, plsssssssss? <3
RogueRen RogueRen Jun 07, 2011
@sarahcc i no i was like if he has a gf imma kill her! hehe but yeh me 2! :D and hes a musician u wil find out more later i cnt gie it away! but the romance gets pretty specky later :D
RogueRen RogueRen Jun 07, 2011
@sarahcc hehehe omg thankyou! :D il let him no right away :P i just uploaded then pls let me no wat u think??? :d
Winters_Kiss Winters_Kiss Jun 07, 2011
@RogueRen well... maybe not today... gtg to bed. It's getting late out here... :P read some tomorrow though
RogueRen RogueRen Jun 07, 2011
@Quellie if i hear a scream of anger im guessin its aimed at my dad :D hehehe :P
Winters_Kiss Winters_Kiss Jun 07, 2011
i guesssss...... I might just HAVE too... XD When's it gonna be done!!!! 
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