A Office Affair

A Office Affair

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xxClarissaxx By xxClarissaxx Updated Feb 04, 2015


        Out of all the days in the week, my alarm clock chose not to wake me up on one of the most important days. I let out a small cry then checked the clock to see what time it was, 10:36, it read. Meaning that I was officially late to work, again.

        Slowly I climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. nearly scaring myself to death, I took a peek at the mess standing in front of the mirror. I had bags under my eyes that looked like they belonged to a stressed out mother of six, my hair was jumbled at the top of my head, and the makeup i forgot to take off last night, was running down my face. I looked a hot mess.

        After handling my business in the bathroom, i made my way to the kitchen to find that Jenna wasn't looking too, good either.

        "I feel like a truck ran over me and then backed up to finished the job" she cried while drinking her coffee.

        "Remind me to never drink that much again" she continued.

        "Only if you promise...

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TerryCleaves TerryCleaves Oct 02, 2016
Really cliffhanger I did not know this was TV show I thought I was reading a book