Percy Jackson & Twilight Crossover

Percy Jackson & Twilight Crossover

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FicTioNal_CraZed By FicTioNal_CraZed Updated Jul 16, 2013

Edward's Pov :-

I was driving through Forks, to my other other relatives, and as usual I had Bella with me. She was quiet today but an occasional comment about the weather and about how wierd I was today would come out of her mouth. Renesmee was sleeping at the back of my shiny Volvo. Howver, the only thing that caught my attention was Bella. She was now a vampire but only after being through a lot that would give me nightmares if I could ever sleep. And now I missed the rosy blush on her soft cheeks. Her soft brown eyes and the warmth of ehr body still made me regret making her a vampire. But at least she could be with me forever and now be a family.

"Edward! Stop! Stop the car, now!" I heard Bella shriek.

Immediately, I stopped the car with a screeching halt waking up Renesmee who started to protest loudly. 

"What? What happened?" I asked, staring ahead. Everything was peaceful and I couldn't understand why Bella had told me to stop.

"Something is wrong. We need to go back home....

Percyjacksongirl7183 Percyjacksongirl7183 Jan 25, 2015
Somethings are just not meant to be like Percy\Bella *pukes*
- - Jun 24, 2014
Please let this Percy/Bella... I've been looking everywhere for Percy/Bella fanfics...
EnviousFaith EnviousFaith Nov 26, 2012
An interesting combination of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and Rick Riodian's Percy Jackson. I like it. I always wondered how the Earth was so small, but the many races, and concepts of fantasy never combined. I look forward to more of it. :)