This Nerd Is A Princess??

This Nerd Is A Princess??

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Louie By Louie24eL Updated Jan 07, 2014

Aloisa is just a normal girl. At least that's what they thought in school and how she tries to live. However, underneath that facade Aloisa is a girl who keeps a secret over a secret, over a secret, and over a secret.

Her life inside the school is worse than normal. She's bullied, degraded, and unnoticed.
Her life at home is that as of a princess. She has wonderful parents, big house, and huge closet.
Nobody at her school knows about her wealthy status that's why she wasn't able to live a normal school life. And as weird as it may be, she doesn't have a plan to change that. Unfortunately for her she got entangled with some jocks that would take her world around.

But beyond the fact that she's a hidden daughter of a successful business man she holds another title that will surprise even her. A title that will decide her future.

    mrclnthvmprqn mrclnthvmprqn Mar 27, 2016
    Even if she had glasses she has a sense of fashion tho. And I had glasses too but sometimes I wear colorless contact lens instead
    isayabeck isayabeck Apr 24, 2016
                                   Hve some fun with this story somewhat interesting from the very beginning hahaha
                                  Ilovethis :)
    esther32133 esther32133 Dec 04, 2016
    I know I'm not the only one who related to Hannah Montana 😐
    Priya_101 Priya_101 Feb 03, 2016
    Then there's my mom saying, "You don't go to school for a fashion show."
    yourlandlord yourlandlord Jan 17, 2016
    I remember his story. I spent days trying to find it back xD
    TheBookQueen555 TheBookQueen555 Jan 10, 2016
    I am pretty ticklish but when someone tickles me, they practically just scratch me O.O