Gilinsky's sister (Jack Johnson FanFiction)

Gilinsky's sister (Jack Johnson FanFiction)

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Hi. My name is Beka Gilinsky, yeah. I'm Jack Gilinsky's sister. He always says I'm his little sister but we're twins. Anyways. I'm pretty tall, I have brown-green eyes and dark brown hair. 

Beka's PoV

"BEKA. WAKE UP". I heard and a pillow was getting smashed against my face. "WHAT?" I yelled sitting up. "School" Jack said. "That's why you slammed a pillow against my face?" I said. "Indeed" He walked out. "STOP SAYING THAT" I yelled after him. I walked into the bathroom and got ready for school. 


I walked downstairs and ate breakfast. "Jack. You ready?" I asked him. "Not yet" He said. "I'm gonna walk over to Jack's house" I said and walked out. I walked over to Johnson's house and walked in. "Yo, Johnson" I said. "Sup Beka" He said walking downstairs. "You ready?" I asked. "Yes" He said and got his backpack. 

We walked back to my house. "Jack. You finally ready?" I yelled. "Yes" He said and walked down the stairs. "Can you bring me my backpack? I f...

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Can i just say 'indeed' made it aound like he is old. I always cover my besties mouth when she says it. Idky but it males me cringe馃槀
soccer_is_BAE soccer_is_BAE Aug 31, 2016
Yooooooo, this was exactly what hapenend to me when people found out who my older brother was at school.
litmills litmills May 27, 2016
Omg my brothers in year 10 and I'm in year 8 and 0 boys mess with me because of it馃槀
Berra5 Berra5 Sep 04, 2015
You should of put there's always a rough draft before the final copy referring to