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Gilinsky's sister (Jack Johnson FanFiction)

Gilinsky's sister (Jack Johnson FanFiction)

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aye Beka By softgrungemalum Completed

[chapter status:edited]
Hi. My name is Beka Gilinsky, yeah. I'm Jack Gilinsky's sister. He always says I'm his little sister but we're twins. Anyways. I'm pretty tall, I have brown-green eyes and dark brown hair. 

Beka's PoV

"BEKA. WAKE UP". I heard and a pillow was getting smashed against my face. "WHAT?" I yelled sitting up. "School" Jack said. "That's why you slammed a pillow against my face?" I said. "Indeed" He walked out. "STOP SAYING THAT" I yelled after him. I walked into the bathroom and got ready for school. 


I walked downstairs and ate breakfast. "Jack. You ready?" I asked him. "Not yet" He said. "I'm gonna walk over to Jack's house" I said and walked out. I walked over to Johnson's house and walked in. "Yo, Johnson" I said. "Sup Beka" He said walking downstairs. "You ready?" I asked. "Yes" He said and got his backpack. 

We walked back to my house. "Jack. You finally ready?" I yelled. "Yes" He said and walked down the stairs. "Can you bring me my backpack? I f...

soccer_is_BAE soccer_is_BAE Aug 31, 2016
Yooooooo, this was exactly what hapenend to me when people found out who my older brother was at school.
livmills_ livmills_ May 27, 2016
Omg my brothers in year 10 and I'm in year 8 and 0 boys mess with me because of it😂
Berra5 Berra5 Sep 04, 2015
You should of put there's always a rough draft before the final copy referring to