Bully Me (Completed)

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Emma By guitarfreak8810 Completed
Rayne is a high school just trying to make it through - but it makes it difficult when she's picked on daily. She's always caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bullies: her own sister Topaz, her sister's boyfriend Will, and her sister's best friend Andrew. It seems like a never ending cycle to her and that's just the way it is- she will always be the victim. But some bullies are also victims...
i cant pronounce his last name right, ive just been saying avocado this whole time xD
Its so perfect u should keep going. . I love the askibg alexandria shirt but it very good
Oh, and I like the chapter names....at least this one makes since if you think of about it figuratively :D Like how her life is fog, or even when Drew and Steven show up and how she knew it was them even if it were foggy outside :D I really like your writing style!
This didn't seem unrealistic at all to me. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that have been bullied this severely and you do a very good job at getting across the different emotions that are running throughout this story. Good Job!
I've been bullied quite a bit in my life so the bullying aspect really spoke to me. Good start! Voted :D
I really love this! Iwas bullied my whole life and the dedication means alot:) Im going to keep reading this