Love For Loan - Larry Stylinson

Love For Loan - Larry Stylinson

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Harry Styles: Boyfriend for hire. He's been told he'll do great at his job, but he's such a klutz sometimes that being young and having a pretty face doesn't cover for it. 

Louis Tomlinson: Richest twenty-one-year-old in the UK, professional playboy. He's had more girlfriends than Harry's had clients. When he decides that girls aren't fun anymore, he looks for something different.

Will Harry end up just being added to his list of 176 exes once Louis is bored of him, or will he change the playboy that is Louis and fall in love?

I would be crying and then be like: "hell yes" and take like 200000 and walk away
C to the U to the T to the E thats what he says about his husbannddd
Purest_Form Purest_Form Sep 07
Is he like ACTUALLY signing himself up to be a boyfriend or is this some kind of super secret tricky prostitution type thing
Jesus. My whole life doesn't cost as much as that one suit
And why tf does this sound like a nasty Louis het ? Like tf ? Ew.