Love For Loan - Larry Stylinson

Love For Loan - Larry Stylinson

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Harry Styles: Boyfriend for hire. He's been told he'll do great at his job, but he's such a klutz sometimes that being young and having a pretty face doesn't cover for it. 

Louis Tomlinson: Richest twenty-one-year-old in the UK, professional playboy. He's had more girlfriends than Harry's had clients. When he decides that girls aren't fun anymore, he looks for something different.

Will Harry end up just being added to his list of 176 exes once Louis is bored of him, or will he change the playboy that is Louis and fall in love?

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Someone made a hole in the wall today at school.
                              I just felt like sharing that go on with you day/night
Well they never do it when I want them to,so I guess fück it
1D_Always5outof5 1D_Always5outof5 Dec 11, 2017
Like you’d even know how to get it off, you dumb, snobby, a$$ b!tch
I feel so bad for was a jerk move but...😂😂😂
I wanna met a guy like this pretend to be addicted to him so he can pay me to leave me alone