After The Ink

After The Ink

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[COMPLETED] [Previously titled Her Tattoo]
"Why do you still want him?" He snapped at me. "He doesn't want you anymore Lace. He made that pretty clear, didn't he?" I refused to let my eyes meet his. I just stared at my wrist. Why am I always so stupid? Why do I make stupid choices?

Lacey Evans and Jacob Fister had the perfect relationship. They were that couple that were said to get married right after high school. But that perfect relationship comes to an end when Lacey finds out Jacob has been cheating on her. That all happened Junior year. Now Senior year is starting and Lacey is done moping over Jacob. She comes back to school looking better than ever, catching the eye of most of the guys at school. But she's not interested. What she doesn't expect is to catch the full attention of Dylan Parker, the school's bad boy. If that isn't bad enough, Jacob is trying to mend their broken bond. Lacey has been through a lot, but can she handle all of this? Will Jacob steal her heart once again, or will Dylan somehow manage to make her fall head over heels with him?

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I'm sorry I don't really get all sad about the parents. Especially since they were never introduced and it kinda runs over it so lightly.
SpecialMK2 SpecialMK2 Sep 06
Dang sis better try to tattoo that tattoo into something else
Well summer is over college awaits and I still look like a potato #potatosqaud
jkburrell jkburrell Aug 31
At least it wasn't his name. And you can give the tattoo a new meaning, cause it's a heart.
Like you see this constantly in teen books that losing ones parents just doesn't hit the feels. I don't know her parents or been introduced to their characters so thus I feel nothing. Sue me
Let him give her a teddy or something in that case when he cheated on her she can burn it or something