Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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JANED03 By JANED03 Updated Jun 11, 2016

"All that stuff about how everyone's special is bullshit. Some of us are just regulars. We follow the rules. We follow the crowd. We are too afraid. I'm too afraid."

After catching her boyfriend cheating on homecoming. Roxanne decides to drop the "nice girl act" and get what she really wants. Sweet revenge.

A/N each chapter is very short, but I update frequently(or try to)

Izzy_Daweirdo Izzy_Daweirdo Nov 26, 2016
Im not afraid LOL I'm like the little kid of the school but I'm smart😂😂😂
pohnpeiparau pohnpeiparau Jun 18, 2016
Damn if I was her I'd probably do the same thing...just turn around and walk away...then come back and make his life a living hell...
- - Dec 27, 2015
gurl if i were u i would yeet her weave off and slap mr. harry styles so hard like DAMN