Never Forget ( fnaf x reader )

Never Forget ( fnaf x reader )

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Lovedog38 By lucylovedog38 Updated Dec 26, 2016

Fazbears Pizzaria is a common diner. Appart from one thing. Animatronics.

Free to roam at night and a new night guard looking after them.
What will happen?

Hi if you are reading my story. please vote and comment asmuch as possible so i can make it even better!
Im co-writing this with my friend CrystalDL2

Me: *presses face and bangs hands against Mike's office window* CAN I START NOW!?
                              Mike: WTF!? *Closes both doors*
that moment when you mess up the only words people pay attention to. XD
Foxy_Fazbear_ Foxy_Fazbear_ Sep 07, 2016
I love your book!!!Please keep writing. It matters not so much what we think, but what you say. So if you wanna keep writing, then go for it!!!!And I want Pizza now. 😊😃😃😀
ShadowyNightingale ShadowyNightingale Aug 09, 2016
Cardboard boxes psssh like I need this job! Cause at least McDonald's has great food I can order on break!
gamergirl228 gamergirl228 May 16, 2016
Fat guy I didn't want your stupid job anyway and you and your company can go die in a hole for all I care*walks out like boss *^.^
LoreoTheOreo LoreoTheOreo Nov 20, 2016
Ok so when I opened up the story the little notification/tips thing for quoting words came up, and I was like yeah I'm probably not gonna use this. I read the first sentence. I quoted it.