Take Me or Lose Me. No In Between (BoyxBoy)

Take Me or Lose Me. No In Between (BoyxBoy)

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One day potatoes are going to take over the world. By fairytailluv Updated 4 days ago

Corey is your everyday average 17 year old boy with one secret. He's a werewolf. Not just any old werewolf, Corey is the smallest and weakest werewolf of his pack. The Crescent Moon pack. Bullied and abused by most wolves in his pack, Corey has no where to run but to his father's pack. The Howling Star pack. But running means leaving his family behind. 

Ace is the soon-to-be alpha in the Crescent Moon pack and Corey's biggest bully. About to turn 18, he is to find out who his mate is and take over the pack as the new Alpha. He's a homophobic person  because his father turned gay when his mother died instead of honoring her as Luna. He has already turned his back on his father. Will he turn his back on his soon-to-be male mate as well? 

Can this hatred be put aside when his mate turns out to be Corey? Will there even be a happy ever after? Can Ace man up and love Corey enough to heal the scars left on the poor boy? Read to find out! :) Plz don't judge. This is my first ever story so ya! Enjoy!

Also, there will be problems between Corey's older brother Calvin and his mate but the main story is Corey and Ace, if people want Calvin and Josh a separate book, don't be afraid to comment that!

vivalareveloution vivalareveloution Sep 20, 2016
Bitch, round my area you wouldn't get a chance to find out what kinda metal pole you are talking like that
Queen_of_fallen Queen_of_fallen Jul 22, 2016
Feed back (sorry): instead of saying it straight out as it is you could settle it in. Like "I met Josh's hazel eyes, his coffee brown hair swept over his head fall... blah blah blah" I do like how you got to the Alpha and Nick.
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Oct 05, 2016
Hmmm but how come people can bend metal ....and also I imagine this as a RAINBOW...and little croey here is a rainbow ...^w^
anime_islife12 anime_islife12 Nov 02, 2016
Bïtch why the fùck r u lying?! U know damn well there is no pull
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Oct 05, 2016
Josh ...you have earned my respect I now down to you *bows down half way* no I can't do it -_- I bow to no one
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Oct 05, 2016
Hmm Nick....Nick...hmmm....seems very familiar....I think I read that name before in another bxb book and one of the main characters were named Nick......HEY DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT KIND OF STUFF YOUNG MAN