south park lemons

south park lemons

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I am really Lame By I_am_gay_asf Updated Dec 21, 2015

I know there are alot of these but I dont like most of them so im making one. requests can be made but I dont want spammed or I will not even consider them.

these are (mostly) one-shots. the are erotic and I ask that if you are uncomfortable with these types of stories that you click off of here now.

the characters in my stories are 18+ and are mostly seniors in highschool. they are also humanized. keep this in mind,  because im fairly sure construction paper isn't very attractive xD

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i do not like touching myself and never have done so in my life so i read lemons to satisfy me in the most strangest way possible.
                              my mother is so gonna disown me ;')
LeedleLeeLeedleLee LeedleLeeLeedleLee Dec 26, 2017
Ah god I am nowhere near a masochist... I am a sadist dominatrix though ;^)
                              In a world of sub females and dom males, dom girls need love too 😣😭
susisall susisall 2 days ago
Jimbo comes home with cum on his couch " DAMN IT I SAID NO PARTYS "
Danni-Lea Danni-Lea Apr 01
Don't click view more
                              You are savages
Then it turns out Kenny doesn't love you and only wants to take your virginity
My excitement is mad OMG emotions have emotions (lol inside out)