The Playroom

The Playroom

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basistsbabe By basistsbabe Updated May 25, 2015

Unknown p.o.v

I walked into the club the bass pounding, vibrating the floor. I looked around, there were empty seats, but most of them were filled with buyers, like me. I was looking for yet another submissive. I was getting slightly bored with the rest. Not that they weren't fun and all, trust me they were. But I wanted someone new, someone different. I have no clue what I want, but I am going to have her tonight.

I took a seat in a chair, in the second row facing the small stage, waiting for the show to start. I ordered a drink or two, getting comfortable. Then the show began.

Girl after girl came out, either singing or playing an instrument. Some showed of flexibility or danced even. When they were done, men began bidding, but none of the girls so much as peaked my interest, till she came out.

The paper with the number '13' tacked to her costume which suited her perfectly. She was wearing a tight, leather corset, a black skirt that, very clearly, showed she had one hell of an as...

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