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This Means War (A perciper/pipercy fanfic) [DISCONTINUED]

This Means War (A perciper/pipercy fanfic) [DISCONTINUED]

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TJ / Peach By TJ_the_peach Updated Jun 10, 2016

(I STRONGLY suggest you don't read this XD)

It all started when Annabeth cheated and Piper and Percy left camp. Annabeth took control of things and everything went downhill from there.

"This camp is under my control." Annabeth snarls.

"We'll get it back." Percy says.

'"Not without a war." Annabeth challenges.

"Well I guess this means war."

If Jason loved you, he would've flung himself into Tartarus.Screw you.
kczarina97 kczarina97 Jun 28, 2016
He cheated on you before.  Don't you remember Brason? I mean, that was OTP.
CrescentViewer CrescentViewer Dec 02, 2016
*puts on sunglasses* I think I'll just give candy. *pulls out some chocolate and skittles* here you go. Enjoy!
Books_PJ Books_PJ Nov 17, 2015
Laughing (with) Jason? This is not a creepypasta story! ...It was a bit mean. Sorry, I'm a just a poor fangirl with bad puns. By the way, why Jason isn't dead? Heh, get it? Jason as Jason Todd? No, okay then.
LucarioLand LucarioLand Nov 14, 2015
I love Pipercy  and if Percabeth and Jasper didn't exist Pipercy and Jasabeth would be my OTPs
percabethfangirl46 percabethfangirl46 Oct 21, 2015
You little $&@€£¥$!
                              -raises hand and zaps Annab*tch and Jaslut-
                              FUDGE YOU!