The Jock Trap

The Jock Trap

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Meredith and Finn were once friends. Things were fine until middle school, when over the space of a summer Finn got “hot” and all the popularity that came with it, leaving Meredith to slowly drift away. Now, in their senior year of high school, their history as childhood friends couldn’t feel any more distant.

While Meredith wants to get through high school asquickly as possible so she can move onto college, Finn is breezing through the social side. With his spot on the swim team, buckets of natural charisma and a well-earned position in the popular crowd, he’s been set for the entire four years.

Meredith is convinced she has his crowd figured out; she knows they’re all stuck-up airheads and is happy to avoid them all. Especially Finn.

When an incident in biology class leads to Finn getting them both into detention, Meredith sees it as just another reason to hate him. However, as the pair spend more time together, she comes to realize that maybe her preconceived beliefs about his crowd aren’t as accurate as first thought. There is a lot more to Finn than meets the eye.

Ever since his dad walked out on his mom five years ago, his mom has worked unsociable hours in a dead-end job as a waitress just to support the family. Finn has spent his entire high school life trying to scrape decent grades and earn a swim scholarship to college, while balancing helping his mom out with his younger siblings. He doesn’t have it as easy as Meredith assumed.

As the pair get closer again, Finn is able to wear down Meredith’s cynicism and possibly weave his way into her heart as well.

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AllyisaNerd AllyisaNerd May 23, 2017
Omg! This is exactly like the book series "how I survived middle school" 😂👌
AGhostsWhisper AGhostsWhisper Feb 28, 2016
That actually makes me so mad, I would hate him too if all my studying had gone to waste because of his laziness
Tigiswan13 Tigiswan13 Jun 03, 2016
I'd punch the hell out of him....
                              Damn! Her studying was a total waste..
AliceMadCheshire AliceMadCheshire Mar 29, 2016
Thank goodness I was concerned this was going to be another cliché girl hates best friend then they fall back in love.
AliceMadCheshire AliceMadCheshire Mar 29, 2016
If you don't like him why are you telling us your whole entire backstory with him. You could have just said you hated him and left it at that. Heh I'm thinking aren't I. Good job brain!
GoldenElegance GoldenElegance Dec 22, 2015
Its your fault too!
                              You should've kept quiet and ignore him.