Until Dawn (GirlxGirl) [Hiatus]

Until Dawn (GirlxGirl) [Hiatus]

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S.G.V. Walker By SGVwalker Updated Oct 23, 2017

There is another entirely different world separate from where humans reside. A forbidden relationship between these two worlds creates a female hybrid named Grey. She loses her memories and reunites with her mother's pack, but her life changes when she meets the fire wielding werewolf Jessica whom she feels oddly attracted to. It all starts when Grey's uncle, Ryan, makes her go to a supernatural safe haven called Blackburn Academy.

She has to pass as a human; keeping what she is hidden from everyone she cares about. If not? The vampires that want the humans as food slaves will kill everyone she cares about in cold blood. 

The upcoming war has to be won, and for that everyone needs to know what she is. They will need her help, but will they ever be willing to accept it?

The outcome in the end will be between prophecy and love.

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mimionme mimionme Jul 29, 2016
Me and mom listened to this when I was a smaller child XD the for the reminder
ConnorEdwards18 ConnorEdwards18 May 11, 2016
Honestly, someone with such talent should already be on New York's best time sellers list. You, you have this talent, this gift. I'm in love with this novel you're creating and I can't wait to read more.
SGVwalker SGVwalker Sep 20, 2015
@Deathlygrin No, don't worry friend. I actually wanted to make a prologue. I'll work on my beginnings, thanks