The shadow of innocence {On hold}

The shadow of innocence {On hold}

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Ana-BANANA By CaKe__Eater Updated Nov 20, 2015

Ever thought of a lion falling in love with a Deer? 
foolish right? 
it's supposed to be It's prey 

well now think about this , 
the America's Most Wanted 
falling in love with the most humble childlike- wait to clear it  Up a  bit 
the most cruel human ever made
falling in love with a girl with  autism 
that make's her child like  
well that's what happens in the life of lolla Ramsay and Jason McCann 
weird ?

to know more about them and their lives read the story 
copyright all  reserved to 

  • barbara
  • jason
  • love
  • mccann
  • palvin
Nagarani26 Nagarani26 Mar 17, 2017
Great story! Loved it!
                              Please check out 🙂
MillarAbi MillarAbi Jun 20, 2017
Do you have any clue what autism is. Because it certainly isn't this.
Hi, I'm no longer @weirdlybeautiful_02 I'm now @future_wife_of_harry. So you can follow me if you'd like, even if you don't I'll still support this book 👍🏻
CaKe__Eater CaKe__Eater Jun 03, 2015
Im sorry for that wattpad jinxed them so i have named the chapter to the correct no.
LydiaFoster777 LydiaFoster777 Jun 03, 2015
I'm so confused theres no chapter  1 or 2 it just chapter 3?