Protecting Mr. Perfect {Book One} (BoyxBoy)

Protecting Mr. Perfect {Book One} (BoyxBoy)

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{Book one in the I Knew You Were Gay series} Quentin Coward's life is crazy. Constantly arguing parents, bipolar sister, evil teacher, stalker fangirls, bullies...

And then there's Maxwell Lovelace. Or at least, that's who everyone thinks he is. Maxx is adored by all the girls in school, every one of them wanting to call Mr. Popular their boyfriend. But Maxwell doesn't like it.

He doesn't like being in the spotlight, or having to host parties, or being popular  in general. In fact, he doesn't like most of his "friends" and is just playing popular to not raise suspicions of his past.

While everyone falls head-over-heels for Maxx, he ignores them, somehow taking a liking to the extremely gay Quentin Coward.

But, Quentin doesn't know Maxx like he thinks he does.

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IqmalMinaj IqmalMinaj Aug 13
just asking but did you guys write smut ? cause if there's smut in this .. wow .. you guys are young and amazing 😂
Cos I'm emo gay trash I'm rereading for like the 4th time gosh
Fujoshiiluv Fujoshiiluv Apr 03
My friend started reading when she years old. Now she's like the yaoi Queen in our little group of fujoshis. XD
Little_Mx_Giggles Little_Mx_Giggles Aug 24, 2016
I have that little self-control that I'm rereading this yet again because this series is great and gay and I miss the characters so much 💜💜💜
Here's the plan. I'm gonna try to read the WHOLE series. The highest I saw was book eleven, so let's pray.... #VirginReader
I'm 11 and most my books and comments on this don't have very big errors cuz I have autocorrect.