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The 12th Kiss [completed]

The 12th Kiss [completed]

2.6M Reads 117K Votes 33 Part Story
Tallara By Enterintomymind Completed

"Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," 
              John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes that he has fallen in love with another woman. Metilda agrees but she has one condition. John must kiss her every afternoon in-front of their son for twelve days. 
       On the 12th kiss, something unexpected happens.
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She says to keep ur 2 inch dick in ur grandpa shorts and get ur bald head ass away from her
                              Sry I just really don't ship her with Daniel
I'm not feeling anything because my hamster, Amby just gave birth to four wee little babies so I. Am. Ecstatic.
I see the problem
                              he justed wanted to show his love for her
                              she cared about other things
                              they had different priorities
cute_kat15 cute_kat15 Feb 16
Sorry but my tissue paper thin patience could never last this long with a btch like that. Respect.
The fact that he bluntly tells his wife on how much he cheats on her sickens me.
Sir, that's your WIFE you're talking to ! Put some respeck on her name.