Our french mistake is not a mistake - Dean x Reader

Our french mistake is not a mistake - Dean x Reader

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"CUT!" somebody's voice was heard and you, Dean and Sam all looked up around you. You were all confused at seeing that you were not outside Bobby's house, just like you thought you'd be after jumping out of the window.

"Jensen, Jared, (Y/n) amazing job guys! We're taking a five minute break till we start the next scene!" the same voice was heard and you frowned at hearing your name being called. You didn't know the man that sat on the chair and gave the instructions but he obviously knew you. 

And who the hell were Jensen and Jared?!

"Oh no" Sam let out a breath and you turned to look at him frowning.

"Come on! You've got to be kidding me, right?! Where the hell are we now?!" Dean shouted frustrated and you turned to look at him with a worried look.

"Dean, what's going on?" you asked and he merely groaned "Are you alright?" you added and he nodded.

"Yes, I am. Balthazar on the other hand will be dead meat when I get him on my hands!" he groaned and you frowned.

"What has Balthaz...

FlowingWater123 FlowingWater123 Sep 25, 2017
See, we are totally fine with being actors! MAUHAHAHA. Also sorry misha.
unhlthlyfngrlng unhlthlyfngrlng Feb 18, 2017
i love how dean says he polish so if i was actually there he would say im german cause thats my last name
vldheathers2187 vldheathers2187 Apr 24, 2016
Awwwww thank you Misha baby. You did not hear that last part.
identity-disorder identity-disorder Mar 24, 2016
Gosh,I loved this scene so much I started crying from laughter.
vldheathers2187 vldheathers2187 Apr 13, 2016
If there is a Padaleki, then there must be a Padaleklock. I died at this scene and i found the thing i just said on the internets.
honey_senpai0229 honey_senpai0229 Apr 03, 2016
I love this episode especially when dean and sam find cas aka misha