Step Dad (Kellic)

Step Dad (Kellic)

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Holly By DarkStar_BVB172 Updated Jun 17, 2015

16 year old Kellin Quinn is not happy when he has to move to California with his mom..And he's even less thrilled with the fact they're moving, because Kellin's mom Mary, recently remarried to Vic Fuentes. A man Kellin detests, but has to live with for the next two years. Soon after their arrival, Kellin and Vic constantly fight and bicker, while Kellin's mom works all the time, and is barely ever home to stop their fights...But what happens when Kellin catches Vic in the act, and gets caught up in a sexual relationship...With his step dad?



How does one live in Florida and still not get tan it's literally sunny most of the year and I can attest to this
Mrs-Fuentes Mrs-Fuentes Jul 05
You'll feel better than fine once you're choking on his d!<k
Angelstarforever Angelstarforever Dec 15, 2016
I never met my dad, but my mom told me his name and I looked him up on facebook. He is in Canada with a wife 😭😭 I cried for like a week after I found that out and stayed in my loft without coming down for anything so I can relate