Divine World Online

Divine World Online

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Carlyle Ausan By CarlyleAusan Updated Jul 06, 2015

The Real World has become monotonous. Everyday it's the same thing, work, eat and sleep. New adventures and fantasy has become a thing of the past. The imaginations of the people have dulled and main streamed. Boredom has taken over the youth as game after game became easier to play and usually have the same parameters, such as beat the boss, or save the princess and complete the story line, but, not anymore. 

Starlight International had a vision of revitalizing the fantasy of the entire planet and threw all their resources in creating the most diverse game ever to hit the markets. 10 Years after their announcement to challenge and change the gaming industry, Starlight International rolled out Divine World Online, a virtual reality game which changed the face of not only the game market, but also every other departments of the world. Boasting a full mind saturation system the game enables the player to truly experience the game as if he/she was present inside a new world. 

In just a few weeks the number of active players reached the 8 digit number. In a few months it became an absolute necessity to play the game. Due to the time difference in game of 4 days to 1 day in the real world, schools now held classes in game for longer hours using private servers; Armies, Navies and Air Forces have requested private customized servers where they can practice combat tactics in different environments, Companies now had meetings and practice trading techniques in game and testing of new methods to be used in the real world has become a trend.

1 Year after the game’s release, everyone was and is playing the game now. Everyone, but a small orphaned boy of 16 who is busy lifting boxes for a convenience store in order to get some money to buy food and survive the harsh realities of the world around him.

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Lorddancer Lorddancer Mar 26
Interesting way to start it. makes one want to read more. hope u write more for it.
The_Third_Emperor The_Third_Emperor Nov 30, 2016
Oh crap this is in Philippines! I never thought this is possible! Oh wait...
JoshuaCummins JoshuaCummins May 02, 2016
silence you d-class trolls, this is a fine read, if you don't like it fine, you don't have to like it, but do have the sense not to stomp on another's attempt at making a story XP
The_Third_Emperor The_Third_Emperor Nov 30, 2016
I read the summary... this is why I wish Ledger's Joker is real. I agree with his philosophy, the world is absurd and the only sensible way to live is without rules. He's not insane, he's just ahead of the world.
NicoCor NicoCor Jul 08, 2016
Just started to check this story out and it's already off to a good start
GrimThor3 GrimThor3 Oct 25, 2015
The way this is phrased is a little weird. Either you say since he was 14 or for a couple years, not both.