My Sexy, Possessive, Controlling, and Much Older Alpha Mate

My Sexy, Possessive, Controlling, and Much Older Alpha Mate

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He sighed loudly, and still holding me tightly, sat up. "Why did you run?" He demanded. His voice was hoarse and I could see pain in his eyes.

My wolf was killing me inside. She wanted to make Declan feel better, in any way she could. I, however, was thinking the exact opposite.

"Because I don't want this. Not right now." I told him honestly. His eyes grew darker.

"You are never leaving my side again. Not until I know you won't run." He told me. "And I will make sure of it." Then he leaned down and started kissing my neck.

I froze when I felt his teeth start to graze the spot my mark would eventually be.

"Wait.... Declan!" I choked out, then I felt his teeth sink into my neck, claiming me as his.

Declan had started the mating process.

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GlenVinC GlenVinC Jul 26
You should at least put him in the age of 25 or something. 15 years difference is a little bizzar
i ran into a brick that can talk it said gimme your lunch money 😂😂😂😂
Math teacher
                              "Eventually your gonna need to learn this"
                              "YES EVENTUALLY NOT TODAY!"
amorette_ amorette_ Jul 27
There nothing wrong jayz and Beyonce were 12 years apart I would compare my parents but my dad is a month older only
that doesnt even make sense. youre excited to meet your mate but u keep a bf like wtf
Ok but like... she's going to college and he wants too deprive her of that?