Size doesn't matter with love. M.C

Size doesn't matter with love. M.C

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CRUEHEAD By Mikey_is_Punk_Rock Completed

"Every inch of you is beautiful darling." He whispers in my ear.

"Well there must be a lot of inches."

Warning, story contains sexual activity and swearing.

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fxckar fxckar Nov 29
My darlings the only time numbers matter is if you're in marketing, other than that YOURE ALLL BEAUTIFUL!
- - Aug 14
But seriously. Your grandad is dying and you're worried about your dad's embarrassment of you? You do realize that your Grandfather wants to see you even though you arent small right?
when the popular kids reject me
                              "whatever, my mom says i'm cool."
lilcIifford lilcIifford Nov 16
turn on your location please. i promise i won't have a metal baseball bat with me ready to beat your head in
nuiunnie nuiunnie Oct 14
Ima name my children memebers of bts lol i can see smol rapmonster now
localbands localbands Nov 05
*first day of school*
                              teacher: ok kids introduce yourself
                              my child: hi im five seconds of summer :^)