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Mabill ( Mabel x Bill)

Mabill ( Mabel x Bill)

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•MelancholicColor• By AliceBlue389 Completed

Bill has turned into human form, and eventually kidnapped Mabel (Like in most Mabill's). Mabel slowly comes to falling in love with Bill. Bill, who has already loved Mabel, ?
Warning: 13+ This is very dramatic, but pretty sweet. Read for more.
How to summon Bill:
1.Draw a circle.
2. Chant Triangulum, entangulum, Veneforis, Dominus, Ventium. Veneforis, Venetisarium.
(Too bad I doesn't work :( )

Don't own Gravity Falls!, Nor the idea of Mabills!, Or the fan art!. I made the fan fiction.

Soos = Zoos. Zoos can be Zoo's. Zoo is 3 letters. Bill has three sides. Soos illuminacho confirmed
StrawberryDonut08 StrawberryDonut08 Mar 17, 2016
Poor Dipper, he has 'friends'
                              I kinda wanna cry with him 
                              *forever alone meme*
sugarpea7 sugarpea7 Jul 07, 2016
Dipper has no friends outside of Mabel, Wendy, Soos, and Stan XD
starlight_the_wolf starlight_the_wolf Feb 10, 2016
*sees lots of people commenting 'its Soos' I like the name zoos XD •ω•
BillCipher1111111111 BillCipher1111111111 Jan 08, 2016
Mabel, if you sit down, I'll take you to a several times concert
Leah-Michelle Leah-Michelle Dec 21, 2015
Me: Stand up Mabel
                              Mabel: No!!! *sits down*
                              Me: How easy was that Bill
                              Bill:( ̄◇ ̄;)