The pack slut

The pack slut

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June the regal queen By Nyctophilia_love Completed

Vivian is known as the pack slut.

Growing up with a troubling childhood she looks for that love she was never given. Her obsession with finding the one has drove her to the point of stalking, flirting with, doing anything possible to get with the first man to show her kindness and not just for her body, the Alpha. Even though he has found his mate she will stop at nothing to get him back and nothing will stop her. Well almost nothing. 

When she crosses paths with a Alpha of a different pack will she throw all shes worked for away or keep fighting for the impossible.

While she figures out her love life other and more dangerous things are in the works. Things that'll change her forever.

(This book contains the triggers: Suicide and eating disorders)


  • alpha
  • dominant
  • mate
  • possessive
  • slut
dm_xox_ dm_xox_ Jul 04, 2017
laxxxalk laxxxalk May 06
okay i am very pleased to see a true alpha not some 17-20 year old alpha who is bratty as hell and doesn't know how to run a pack and responsible
TamikaT TamikaT Aug 17, 2017
Very different. Alot of moving pieces all at once but I like it! I like it! I like it!!!!
YukkiKurossu YukkiKurossu Oct 24, 2017
Girl, you have a serious problem!😂😂😨💪💪👏👍
MelodyOasis333 MelodyOasis333 Dec 21, 2017
She just wants to be loved! And same girl that’s what I tell every guy in books. 😂
laxxxalk laxxxalk May 06
dont ever stand in a mates way it is just low 
                              even if you are looking for love dont ever stop anyone from being happy