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Wanting Moore ( Aka, the arrangement )

Wanting Moore ( Aka, the arrangement )

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$@I3r!n@ By supernatural1 Completed

"Th-this isn't part of the job description Mr. Moore." I stutter, a blush rising to my face as he cups my exposed breast that has fallen out of the top of my shirt. He chuckles, bringing his lips to my ear, Mr. Moore blows, his hot breath leaving me weak in the knees and soaking wet in between the thighs.
  "I'm the boss. Your "job description" is whatever I say it is and call me Jace." His voice is so deep and husky, I'm losing my will power. He presses himself against my back, as his fingers pinch and tweak my nipple. I resist the urge to moan and find my voice again.
   "Yes, but it's my civil right to say no." I mumble, trying to succeed at sounding argumentative but failing miserably. Jace tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear and slowly turns me around to face him. His eyes glow golden-yellow at me, leaving me feeling naked and exposed.
  "Yes it is. But you won't. No matter how much you deny it, this is what you want--" He pauses trailing his hand down the side of my face, stopping to grasp my breast briefly, before sliding it over my stomach. My breath halts as he stops at my pubic bone. My legs automatically spread apart. "My hands all over you. Tell me No, and I'll stop."
  But I don't tell him no. A grin spreads across his face and his fingers enter me.
  Imagine making a deal with America's "sex demon" himself, Jace Moore. His got the looks of a god and a position many men want. When Hannah Reid encounters Mr. Moore in a very unpleasant situation, she finds him making a deal with her. One she can't possibly refuse. But is it worth all of the trouble working for him has brought her?
  After all, he is the owner of one of America's largest pornography companies, Moore Inc.

ChileW2 ChileW2 Aug 06, 2016
No insurance isn't actually gonna get u jail time.  And he'll have to about that he lied to the police?!
pepsicolapussy pepsicolapussy Aug 29, 2016
it's cold outside but I'm still lookin like a thottie because a hoe neva gets cold
premierQupid_oo7 premierQupid_oo7 Jul 28, 2016
Smh, I don't care what it is, I will always read and understand before signing anything
Denai7 Denai7 Jul 21, 2016 not sign anything without reading it 1st.........
ChileW2 ChileW2 Aug 06, 2016
That is NEVER the thing to do when it's a legal binding document.
premierQupid_oo7 premierQupid_oo7 Jul 28, 2016
Bruhhhh, am a virgin, that doesn't mean I'll be single forever or atm(though  I am😂😂)