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Atramentous: A Solangelo AU

Atramentous: A Solangelo AU

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Ashes By IWrteFicNotTragedies Completed

After that I only wore black. 

Black like the charred remains of everything I had once loved, black like the smoke billowing into the sky as my tears cut tracks through the black soot coating my face, and black like the little puppy that was squirming in my arms afterward, the only piece of my old life I had left. 


Four years ago, Nico's life was perfect. He had two loving parents, a caring older sister, and a beautiful house in Italy. Then a fire started in their house and everything Nico loved crumbled along with the walls and family photos. Now, Nico and his dad live in America with Nico's step mom and sister, but Hades is almost never home and Nico has hardly smiled since the fire. Maybe the boy who just moved in across the street can help him bring a stop to the relentless bullying Nico has been dealing with for two years, and maybe he can teach him to smile again in the process.

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why do people want this room so much? what if you watch a horror movie or read a creepypasta? the shadows would blend into the walls and you'd be scared af. the lights wouldn't do much (I know from experience) and the light would be dim. and it's kinda, for lack of a better word, 'emo'.
Nico_Will Nico_Will 2 days ago
I hope people no when they say "make me"
                              I am 100% considering making out with you
                              Just saying
This is Castiel, the gay angel who took over the body of a straight married man
Actually I kind of wish Hazel had done it and had come back like "omg the guy was so cute should I ask him out?" and Nico being like "yeah sure whatever" and then she finds out hes gay and is like "hey Nico I think I found you a boyfriend"
allison_367 allison_367 Jul 07
I know what Prisma Colors are! Now I feel like an art prodigy!!!
Nico_Will Nico_Will 2 days ago
A fragile state of mind I can't quite survive.
                              Fifth time rereading, I'm not ready.