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Atramentous: A Solangelo AU

Atramentous: A Solangelo AU

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Ashes By IWrteFicNotTragedies Updated Oct 09, 2016

After that I only wore black. 

Black like the charred remains of everything I had once loved, black like the smoke billowing into the sky as my tears cut tracks through the black soot coating my face, and black like the little puppy that was squirming in my arms afterwards, the only piece of my old life I had left. 


Four years ago, Nico's life was perfect. He had two loving parents, a caring older sister, and a beautiful house in Italy. Then a fire started in their house and everything Nico loved crumbled along with the walls and family photos. Now, Nico and his dad live in America with Nico's step mom and sister, but Hades is almost never home and Nico has hardly smiled since the fire. Maybe the boy who just moved in across the street can help him bring a stop to the relentless bullying Nico has been dealing with for two years, and maybe he can teach him to smile again in the process.

(You can actually read this without knowing anything about PJO)

ElScipio ElScipio Mar 09
... Nico, get bricks and fish, throw the brick at Jason, and slap Percy with fish...
Dream-Paste Dream-Paste Apr 14
                              That one bruise looks suspiciously like a fist.
                              Oh well
These are literally the same things I struggle with every. Single. Day. I wish that life and society was a person, so I could kick their ässes. Excuse me, while I go cry in a corner for an hour.
shìt fūck hate autocorrect but ya spelt *boyfriend* wrong fuçk shít its cool tho everybody makes mistakes everybody's has those days
LunaK883 LunaK883 2 days ago
I thought it said,"I waited, white people yelled inside,..." then proceeded to choke on my ramen
the story of greek mythology: Zeus can't keep it in his pants