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The Lost Heir (Book Two)

The Lost Heir (Book Two)

196K Reads 6.3K Votes 55 Part Story
MJ Cristine By MJ_Cristine Completed

Nathan is a 17 year old werewolf and the future Alpha of his pack. He is a famous guy at school and fond bullying as a hobby with his girlfriend in tow. He was willing to give up his mate for her until the truth was revealed. Realizing his mistakes he became determined to find his mate until surprisingly it was someone he doesn't expect it to be. 

Ashley is a 17 year old werewolf living in the orphanage since the day she was born. She was abandoned and necklace is the only reminder of her past. With her determination she found out her true identity and her birth parents including her mate. Sadly he turns out to be the guy she hated most.

Will they accept their fate being mates? Or will they reject each other because of differences?

Read and find out!

  • alpha
  • mate
  • mystery
  • powers
  • romance
  • witch