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my dog is a what?!

my dog is a what?!

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Writergirl By gabyree02 Completed

1 month ago i found a dog in the middle of the street.

 1 month ago, he became my best friend. 
1 month ago, he became my closest companion. 

My amigo, my partner in crime, the furry animal that slept in my bed every. single. night. 

Once known as, my dog, dexter, has turned into a, very, very attractive boy named Shawn

Last night, he became my "Mate". 
Whatever that means. 
And here's the funniest part. 
I'm human. 

THERE IS A HELL TON OF GRAMMAR AND SPELLING MISTAKES.  I started this book younger than what most ya'll think so if there's more grammar mistakes in the beginning deal with it cause I'm in the process of fixing it. 
This will more than likely be rewritten. 

Text copyright © Gabyree02 ™ 2014-2015

This is how I greet my friends "WHAT UP BÌTCH!!!!" I just scream it out
Nomiea Nomiea Mar 29
I have to wake up at 5 which reminds me I should be asleep whoops
Queen_Of_LaLaLand Queen_Of_LaLaLand Aug 21, 2016
Ohh my god i have to wake up either 6 or before six what high school do u go to and can i apply
MuslimSoccerPlayer MuslimSoccerPlayer Oct 01, 2016
I'm going to be a critic here... This book sucks. It's one of the biggest cliché books. "His eyes are like blue orbs" ITS ALWAYS THE EYES!!! And that's a huge cliché and another huge cliché is something else but I don't wanna spoil it. But how can I spoil a book that's already spoiled
Takes me two hours to get ready because I sleep half the time😂
MuslimSoccerPlayer MuslimSoccerPlayer Oct 01, 2016
Btw this is my opinion may you please accept it. You may like it, but honestly, I didn't. If you like clichés GO AHEAD! But if you're like me and hate them. Don't waste your time on this book