I Promise | A Destiel High School & College AU

I Promise | A Destiel High School & College AU

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stonerjensen By xTheFamilyBusinessx Updated Jul 24, 2017

Castiel Novak has had a rough life. He's got no parents, no friends, and no escape. He's been living with his abusive uncle for the past eleven years and has told no one of the cruelty he endures every day. The only place he feels safe is underneath a certain tree at the edge of the park, invisible to anyone who doesn't know about it. It's not much; the branches are weak and the number of leaves that grow back after winter decreases each year. But it reveals a secluded grove with a small pond and more types of flowers you've ever seen. It was beautiful, and it was the only place Castiel could go without fearing for his life. 

He never thought he'd ever have to leave it. 

Every day after leaving his tree, he would walk to the diner down the hill. He orders the same thing every day from the same person. But, when a new employee takes over, everything changes. 
And Dean Winchester has been through and done more than he lets on.

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Emjay032004 Emjay032004 Oct 14, 2017
I ain't even a quarter of the way in the chapter and I am already tearing up
- - Sep 22, 2017
He abuses my baby so he is officially no.1 on my to kill list in this book
19Castiel67 19Castiel67 Aug 09, 2016
I think this is going to be the best story (right Next to Twist and Shout!!!) I'll have ever read