Yes, mistress (BDSM)

Yes, mistress (BDSM)

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Peculier By Peculier Updated May 04, 2016

"Yes mistress"

I small smirk krept across my pale face, my crimson lipstick luminating as the moon seeped through the curtains, shining a light blue spotlight on the beautiful form in front of me, her brunette hair loose around her neck, her back with a slight curve in the middle, going straight to the start of her hips, i traced my sharp finger nail down her soft skin, i heard her gasp as i knew this would get her reaction, i chuckled slightly, all of this power,this control..this domination, was so.. arousing, this beautiful bitch was mine and only mine.

I traced my way to her hips, my fingers around the bone and then slowly down to where the top lace of her underwear reached the tip of my fingers, she couldn't stop me, she couldn't retaliate, she signed the contract. She agreed to let me have this control, and oh how i loved it. I heard a muffle escape her mouth, i couldn't understand her words through the black ball that was jammed in her mouth, and she couldn't take it out as h...

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mimeomia- mimeomia- Sep 21, 2017
I'm reading porn on wattpad this is what my life has come to