A Fallen Star's Weapon (Nalu FanFic)

A Fallen Star's Weapon (Nalu FanFic)

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Dead Last Senpai By KitKat3693 Completed

After Lisanna Strauss comes back from Edolas, Lucy Heartfilia gets badly injured each time she enters he guild, and the only people who don't attack her are Levy, Gajeel, Gray, Juvia,  Lisanna, Wendy, Mira, Laxus  Master and the exceeds. One day, she gets kicked out of Team Natsu, and has enough of everyone's abuse she leaves Fairy Tail to train to become stronger. When Lucy leaves she finds out she has a power no one has ever seen before.


Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.


Ann-a-belle Ann-a-belle Dec 03, 2016
Noooooo!! Gildarts where are you when you actually need to beat natsu up!
Akame78 Akame78 Dec 30, 2016
Wow Thats a very good news *sarcasm*
                              YOU GOD DAMN PINK GAY HAIRED BAKAMANDER
Sephors Sephors Jan 14
nopenopenopenope why do I always read these... like they're so cliche but I love them
NaLu-Lord NaLu-Lord Dec 06, 2016
*starts breaking guild down with a wreaking ball named "feels"*
                              GET REKT BY THE FEEEEELS
                              THE FEELS ARE HITTING U 
                              *gets hit with "feels"*
Second_user Second_user Jan 15
*friends put me in a straight jacket and hold me down with chains* LET ME AT HIM!! LET ME THE F*** AT THAT LITTLE FIRE BAS****!!!!
That... Was.... A GREAT NEWS?!?!?!  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT HUH?!?!