Band Preferences

Band Preferences

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Chow By Creature-of-Oddity Updated Oct 16, 2016

Gerard: you had a fear of heights. The two of you decided it would be fun to take a hike in the mountains. Once you reached the highest peak, you came across a cliff. You didn't think it was that high off the ground until you looked over the edge. Your grasp on gee's hand got tighter as you tried to run back down the mountain. After that trip, Gee made sure he didn't take you anywhere involving heights.

Frank: a fear of birds was really got you. You always carried around an umbrella just incase one decided to attack you so you could shoo it away with the umbrella. One day Frank straight up asked you why you carried around an umbrella so you told him why. He had the hardest time taking you seriously so you attacked him with your umbrella. It took him a while to believe you but you got him to.

Ray: you had a fear of tall people. Use

When you and Ray chest meet through you're best friend, you tried your best to hide grin the gentle giant. He knew then and there went you were hiding.


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Ok I don't like Justin Beber so when you said he was a believer I thought of him ew but he likes Twenty øne Piløts so he's kinda ok 😂
Michaelkuza Michaelkuza Feb 22, 2016
Well tbh...who isn't terrified of butterflies? I mean they scare the crap outta me hahahha
YayaTheLlama YayaTheLlama Jun 23, 2016
Same I get anxiety attacks and either pass out or end up kicking a hole through the wall
coffinclown coffinclown Apr 19, 2016
I have Claustrophobia .
                              Confined spaces freak me out so bad that when I get stuck in a small space I usually break out into a panic attack
YayaTheLlama YayaTheLlama May 05, 2016
smol_haechan smol_haechan Aug 06, 2016
One time when I was was like 7 I had a dream where a butterfly with one wing that talked bit my ear off...