What Does She Do? [Kid!NarutoxReaderxKid!Sasuke]

What Does She Do? [Kid!NarutoxReaderxKid!Sasuke]

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miriam By Author-Chan Updated Jul 20


The (Surname) clan is the most powerful clan in Konoha beside the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan. 

Right when the son of the Fourth Hokage was born, (Name) (Surname) and him were fighting side by side in attempts to seal the Nine Tails. 

 After that fiasco was over, the Uchiha clan was massacred. 

 Both clans have entrusted (Name) to care for their surviving child. 

 Just what has (Name) gotten herself into?



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How did I give birth to Sasuke and Itachi? That's just wrong
reader25000 reader25000 Oct 09
Hahahhahahahahahahahah! I can't take anything serious with you author-chan
TokaiKitten TokaiKitten Feb 28
//pets Sasuke's hair// OH FÛCKUUUU MY HAND OW OW THE DUCKBUTT PART OUCH //slapped//
jennylam65 jennylam65 Oct 20, 2015
I like how your book starts. Keep it up with a good work. 
fuckphil fuckphil Sep 23, 2015
I'm awkward with everything. This is the kind of accuracy I signed up for.
fuckphil fuckphil Sep 23, 2015
I always love stories like these, because  I never know the past of myself and I kind of freak out like "Wha- what do I do next hELP." So I'm totally having that freak out right now just so you know. This was a great beginning though, A+. c: