The Unlikely Mom

The Unlikely Mom

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Author-Chan By Author-Chan Updated Jul 20, 2016

[Kid!Naruto x Reader x Kid!Sasuke]
[previously known as 'What Does She Do?']

When [Name] gets abruptly put in charge of  raising two kids that aren't her own, she, at first, can't believe the dilemma that she's been forced into. Crazily enough, as she spends time with the two young ones, she develops a fondness for them that she thought she never would. Although, the hardest part is not having to take care of them or even earning enough money to feed them and herself, it's the fact that one day she'll have to let them go to start lives of their own. She may not have been their real mother, but the chances of them ever caring... were highly unlikely. 

"Thanks... mom."


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Akira18boss Akira18boss Jul 09
Well my dear, this is someone who will beat your ass in the future! ^^
popbobrob popbobrob Aug 11
Me: "THERE IT IS!" *Points to alarm clock* *Punches it* "YOU DAMN HORRID BEAST!"
potatooo_es potatooo_es Jul 29
Hmm... "duck butt"... I need to write that down. From now on, I shall call you, Sasuke, DUCK BUTT.
yeonggyeoul yeonggyeoul Jul 10
okay. so the tsundere duck is going to be the older brother!! hngg this is gon be so cute :3
'Cause scars always make you look cool' is so relatable. Because I have a scar on my arm (from a stray cat me and my friends named Shikiro) and I think its cool.
Fvck. He sad. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH KIDS! *internally freaking out*😲