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Not For Show

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Ray By ratedrayx3 Updated Jun 01, 2017

"Then I was forced to watch him walk away from me for the last time. It was only after he closed the door behind him that tears finally streamed down my face.

Harry was out of my life now."

Only now it's 5 years later and everything has changed. 

They're no longer the same people you remember them as. They're people with grown-up responsibilities with themselves and with the people around them. In those five years they've learn how to love without each other. They've learn how to be apart and survive. They know that they can survive without each other. 

But surviving doesn't always meaning fully living.

Continue to follow Cailin and Harry's journey throughout this sequel.

kiwi_eater kiwi_eater Dec 12, 2017
I thought it said that’s when Liam and Jess had become a thing and I was SHOOK
dickity-dick dickity-dick Sep 09, 2016
I hope it's Harry's kid and Liam is the godfather bc I promise you I'm down to no good
InoCrazy InoCrazy Aug 05, 2016
So Harry and Cai have a child...or at least that's what I understood when Cai said about Roy's blonde hair and the Jess part. 
                              OMG....I'm dying right now ! I need more details fast.
dickity-dick dickity-dick Sep 09, 2016
omfg so that hoe actually is pregnant. must she always ruin all the fun this fanfiction sucks now. I don't want kids they're disgusting and annoying ew
BriiAlcalarita BriiAlcalarita Jun 23, 2016
OMG Harry you can't be serious 
                              Did you not read the last chapter 
                              CAUSE I DID AND CAILIN COMPLETELY SAID 
                              SHES JUST LIKE HIM !!!! YOU ARE THE HIM 😱
fyeahharlena fyeahharlena Sep 06, 2016
Finally getting around to the sequel and let me just say I was definitely not expecting a kid to be thrown into the mix. Excited to see what happens!