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One Direction Adopted...A Thief?!

One Direction Adopted...A Thief?!

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Kaitlyn Reed By onedirectionluv1D Completed

"You shouldn't have done that." I smirked as I looked into Jack's eyes. 
"What you going to do about it little girl?" Jack mocked as he neared closer. 
"I'm not a little girl!"
Mia Parker, a 9 year old homeless girl running from the police. Known as Robber Parker to the town, but known as Parker on the street. Living in a shed tucked away in the woods, with her father known as Hobo Jo, but once Hobo Jo dies Parker has nothing. Parker was left, sent to die by her parents who she doesn't know. Raised to fight, not show pain, or emotion. When One Direction, a popular boy band at the time, find their way to Parker's shed, they see how unfit and unnatural her life is and want to help. The boys and Parker are constantly jumping hurdles as Parker brings baggage. But when secrets are revealed they all become closer. Parker is no normal 9 year old, she was raised differently, raised to be the strongest person possible. And that is what she is. What Happens when she finds out she's a twin? What happens when her real father shows up? What happens when love intermingles? Parker is no ordinary 9 year old, Parker is a Fighter. Something that has a lot of meaning, but is kept a secret till the future. What lies ahead in Parker's future? Read to find out :)
Cover done by @RainbowNinjazz :)
So yes Parker is only 9 and some of the things she does doesn't pertain to what a normal 9 year old would do, but Parker isn't normal. Imagine having to live on your own and fend for yourself at a young age. That she basically has to grow up so yes her personality is kind of too mature for the age but in reality if you think about it no it's not because she was trained that way and she had to basically grow up.
PS: THIS IS MY STORY DO NOT TAKE! OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU WITH MY PIGEON ARMY!! :D no but this is copyrighted please do not take :) thanks lovelies!

I'm from the ghetto ya gotta kno how to survive or u won't last 3 seconds there
-Nestea- -Nestea- Aug 03, 2016
BlqckCat BlqckCat Jun 08, 2016
And my motto is: "Don't tell me what to do, because I don't follow rules or obey orders"  it's more my catch phrase really (I'm not sure if a catch phrase and a motto are the same thing xD)
twaimz_life twaimz_life Oct 06, 2016
2nd time reader read this when their wasn't the third book out yet
RachaelRachLim RachaelRachLim Sep 17, 2016
I remember the first time I read this I thought the first word said sh.t
RachaelRachLim RachaelRachLim Sep 17, 2016
Re- reader in the house ya'll if Ya' new then you'll love this book