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Opposites Attract (Kaname x Zero fanfic)

Opposites Attract (Kaname x Zero fanfic)

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Sophia By BeautifulDisaster422 Completed

Zero Kiryu is a bad boy who drinks, gets in trouble, and is rude to almost everyone. He attends Sanguine Luxuarie Academy, a high school for only vampires. Kaname Kuran is a good boy who also attends SLA. He's the pureblood prince of the night society and is expected to be charming, intelligent, and absolutely perfect.  The two are complete opposites, but what happens when the boys meet?  Boyxboy yaoi Kaname x Zero

(2017 edit: This is an old fan fiction, and was an attempt to try out different genre styles. It has many typos, the paragraphs are not spaced out, there are plot holes and continuity errors as well as, frankly, badly written characters and scenes. I do not like this book, and it doesn't represent my writing style at all. I would delete it, but a lot of people have seen it and like it, so I won't. Just please know I don't like this. It was fun to write at the time, but it isn't very good.)

I'm the only one not freaking out about how I can hear them speaking
I like this plot for the story. The only suggestion I have is that you should separate your paragraphs and when the characters are speaking.  It made it a little difficult to read all together like that.  Other than that, great job!
Kaname_4_Life Kaname_4_Life 7 hours ago
Kamijou as of Hiroki Kamijou from JunJou Romantica?!?!?! 😁😁😁😂😂😂😀😀😀
Dragonfan808 Dragonfan808 Apr 12, 2016
The night shift? Make sure to say hi to Freddy fazbear and foxy the pirate for me.
FluffehDaCat FluffehDaCat Mar 23, 2016
*is reading*
                              *eyes slowly close as I lay my head down*
                              *two second later my head shoots back up*
Animelover656 Animelover656 Mar 26, 2016
Omg I can never find kaname x zero fanfics that's written this well.......and that's completed!!!!!!