~My Omega~ "NEED MAJOR Editing- BWWM)

~My Omega~ "NEED MAJOR Editing- BWWM)

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Preoccupied by yelling at my wolf, I am suddenly yanked from the customers lap, I felt shocks so I knew instantly who it was. Our mate, I start to shake badly, memories of my childhood come into my mind and I start gasping for air trying to get away, I thrashed about in his arms but he tightens his grip and knocked my customer out cold.

 As I struggled to get a loose he then growled a deep, demanding, authoritative Roar. I instantly I stopped and whimpered submissively like the omega I am. He seemed angry and did not care about the fact that I was uncomfortable, he was our mate and I was terrified of him.

CarmenHenry CarmenHenry Dec 10, 2016
"Getting ready for the next dance"? This bitch better not be a stripper 😒
CarmenHenry CarmenHenry Dec 10, 2016
And pause! 7 minutes?! How long was the fuckin song?! Was it All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) by Joe?! Damn! 😂😂😂
CarmenHenry CarmenHenry Dec 10, 2016
Wait, wtf? The customers aren't allowed to touch! 😂😂😂
DaniMonroe1 DaniMonroe1 Aug 18, 2016
Don't get me started with white chocolate and other flavors......
ashleedoesit ashleedoesit Jun 30, 2016
I hate chocolate ice cream its like noooooo in my mouth lol but my preference in men is men so he can be from the lake monster green to  jiggly puff pink if hes mine hes mine!
kingen_laylos kingen_laylos Oct 18, 2016
lol it's ok I'm scared of pink dick! I just can't white guys but I love the way they look tho.