~My Omega~ "NEED MAJOR Editing- BWWM)

~My Omega~ "NEED MAJOR Editing- BWWM)

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Preoccupied by yelling at my wolf, I am suddenly yanked from the customers lap, I felt shocks so I knew instantly who it was. Our mate, I start to shake badly, memories of my childhood come into my mind and I start gasping for air trying to get away, I thrashed about in his arms but he tightens his grip and knocked my customer out cold.

 As I struggled to get a loose he then growled a deep, demanding, authoritative Roar. I instantly I stopped and whimpered submissively like the omega I am. He seemed angry and did not care about the fact that I was uncomfortable, he was our mate and I was terrified of him.

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Tbh I'm scared of white men too, but at the same time I love white guys.
Kakashi136 Kakashi136 May 06
I love white guys honestly even though with racism and everything I've mostly dated white guys I like going outside of my race
Hinata7346 Hinata7346 May 29
Every body's saying she's a racist, but what if something happened to her that involved white men?
X.x i would hope if i had a mate its someone whose differenft, gimmie da white, korean, spanish etc o3o
the cover you use was the cover of the change .. i thought it was connected to that story