Daddy,Daddy -sasunaru x narusasu

Daddy,Daddy -sasunaru x narusasu

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uzvmaki By uzvmaki Updated Nov 14


"Daddy ,Daddy will mommy ever come back?"

Sasuke almost had it all but all he had now with a certain blonde was most beautiful reminder and prove of his love with Naruto. 

As curious as a child would be , inevitably she of course had endless questions to ask her father. Her seemingly innocent question would bring Sasuke on a long painful emotional journey.

See, that wasn't that sad! And than I come in and mess it up
WAIT?! IM UKE?!? 😤😠
                              TO TOP IT OFF, IM DËÄD DATTEBAYO!!!!😱😤😡
KillJoyNaruto KillJoyNaruto Apr 11, 2015
oh my god I cried this actually made me cry your a great writer
uzvmaki uzvmaki Feb 04, 2015
@sabpate1D Nooo , this story will strictly be sasunaru and as for the reanimation jutsu part i have yet to decide,besides thered be several twists to the story ;)
lovingnarusasu lovingnarusasu Feb 04, 2015
don't tell me it will b sasusaku afterwards there better be powerful jutsu than reanimation jutsu