Yes, Professor

Yes, Professor

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sherryzay By sherryzay Updated Mar 01, 2016

What would you do when your hot, sexy and delicious professor read your notebook filled with your erotic fantasy about him?

That happen to a shy student, Mia Goshea who can't seem to stop to think about her professor, James Ernest.

But when she know Mr. Ernest read her book, feeling humiliated, she decided to forget about him and leave the school.

Feeling guilty and awaken rested on his heart, James can't seem to stop thinking about Mia and her naughty fantasy.

Two years after, when Mia is not-completely forgotten about Mr. Ernest, appear in front her apartment door and the heat is back.

Will Mia forgive James with her past still linger in her heart?

bandbraceface bandbraceface Sep 25, 2016
Dear Lord why is he like that... I literally lost my breath. I mean wow.
AllNamesHaveBeenTook AllNamesHaveBeenTook Sep 24, 2016
I'm going to assume that the authors first language is not Englt
AllNamesHaveBeenTook AllNamesHaveBeenTook Sep 24, 2016
Wait I thought she was 18, now it's 2 years later so she should be 20
Versacebxllo Versacebxllo Jul 18, 2016
I would have called him James from the beginning, she's not in school anymore so...
Warrior_Pwincess Warrior_Pwincess Feb 03, 2015
The plot is great but umm!!! The grammar is not so great. And the English is not so great. I really think you should fix the Grammar before doing anything else