Living With A Gang

Living With A Gang

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Hannah By xXxBubblesssxXx Updated Aug 17

Lyric Evans always had a happy life. Her parents owned a pet shop - where she worked as well - and her brother - Spencer - was annoying as ever but she loved him to bits. 

What Lyric didn't know was that her parents had a huge secret; so huge in fact that one day, Lyric's life is turned to hell. 

Her family is killed in front of her, something traumatizing happens to Lyric and then she has to get shipped away to a family she doesn't even know. 

She has to live with a family who is so mysterious and holds back secrets from her. Not that she cares. Even since the incident, she's gone basically mute and keeps to herself. 

What happens when a certain black-haired boy soon catches her eye? Will he be able to help her? Or will she run from everything and never once look back?

Follow Lyric on her journey.

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