(Sequel) Evolution

(Sequel) Evolution

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Before Igneel had a problem with Taki's.....

The guild was a safe (probably not) and happy place. No need to worry about explosive bombs of Igneel's farts.

Though most of the new generation was growing  up, and as you grow up you tend to fall...very hard.

Join the new generation as they discover new things and struggle with their lives!

Join they're parents as the deal with their own problems and their teenage kids hormones!

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Ship for Nashi and Justin. NaJu? NaTi? JuShi? JuNa? Comment which one you like or new.
Yeah I think that gives them more points, ha very ha? What were you thinking
lizchan88 lizchan88 Mar 11
Random Person~ No. It's when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…
                              Me~ OH SCREW THIS SHÎTTY TOPIC ALREADY!!!!!!
Where can I find this restraunt. Tell me. I want to eat there.
So, Natsu's​ daughter's favorite food is the same as Naruto's favorite food. Ironic
kellyc2004 kellyc2004 Nov 23
I’m so stupid I read non other than my idiot brother Justin 😂