What Happened That Night

What Happened That Night

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| Lyss | By LyssFrom1996 Completed

No one knows why Emily Porterfield murdered Griffin Tomlin that night. No one except for her younger sister, Clara, anyway.

Nothing has been the same for Clara since the night of the Tomlins' annual Super Bowl Party but things take a drastic turn in the middle of September when her older sister, Emily, murders Clara's longtime crush, Griffin Tomlin, in his backyard. No one, not even their parents or older sister Nora, can understand why Emily would want to murder anyone, let alone Griffin Tomlin. No one except for Clara, who blames herself for revealing a secret she swore Griffin she would never tell. 

As she attempts to navigate through this new life, without Emily or Griffin, while watching as what remains of her family falls apart, she finds friendship with Aniston Hale, a pink-obsessed girl determined to learn why Emily killed Griffin that night, and Kolby Rutledge, Griffin's best friend, and she tries to find a way to forgive both Emily and herself for what happened that night.

#110 in Teen Fiction.
#4 in Mystery/Thriller.

BreakLikeFlowers BreakLikeFlowers Mar 09, 2016
Finally a murder plot in a teen fiction! I love the plot already and how mystery it would be. Before I check your book, I noticed how nice your fans/readers are so, I decided to give it a try and I feel like I'll love it.
hiiijack hiiijack Aug 22, 2016
After reading this part only i feel like I already figured out the plot line and story
despitefully despitefully May 06, 2016
From this description, I already imagined Katelyn Traver as Clara
catog67 catog67 Oct 06, 2016
CLARA OSWALD! R there any Whovians out there? If so, WHOVIANS UNIIIITE
yuan-sc yuan-sc Jul 29, 2016
Hell yeah, I don't have to wait. This literally came out a year ago.
fiftyshadesoflou fiftyshadesoflou Sep 28, 2016
honestly i like this book so much that if you ever publish it i'll definitely get a copy because its just amazing so many plot twists and teen problems and IM SHOOK