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I have Glasses They have Guns (book one)

I have Glasses They have Guns (book one)

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daughter of hades <3 By Puppylover247 Completed


"Fine I won't tell anyone...Under one condition"
They all glared at me. Yes all of them. I shuffled from foot to foot under their stare. Hey! You would to if you had three people with guns glaring at you!
"What" Gabes voice was filled with venom. What did I do to make him hate me? I thought he liked me because he stood up for me! Who am I kidding.No one would like me. 
"I-I just... I just want you to teach me how to... How to fight and defend myself" I know it was stupid. I closed my eyes not wanting to see their probably angry eyes.I didn't want them to think I was stupid to I mean,I really am in no position to argue, they could just shoot me and leave my body somewhere.
I opened my eyes after no one spoke.Gabe just looked at me with a blank face, typical.Alex looked confused.But zach was smiling from ear to ear.He cracked his knuckles. 
"Ok...When do we start?"
Sarah Xavier is just your normal teen.Nothing special about her except for them.
Gabriel Hex
Zachary Finch
Alexander White

midnightsummer12 midnightsummer12 2 days ago
WHO YOU CALLIN PINHEAD? YA PINHEAD!!! (Before you get all triggered... Its a spongebob reference)
LifeHackerSOS LifeHackerSOS Apr 14, 2016
But... The important thing is! Did he walk away like a boss?
Reading_You_Bish Reading_You_Bish Jun 08, 2016
Freaky Fr- Oh Why do I even bother... people already commented on this -.-
hera82001 hera82001 Nov 15, 2016
Same......  Insulting them in the smartest way is so much better cause 1) they have no idea what you said 2)  bitch can't make a comeback if she doesn't know what I said
TwaimzIsMyFather TwaimzIsMyFather May 27, 2016
Why are u so cruel ...!!! U wouldn't do that to me ....would u?
Reading_You_Bish Reading_You_Bish Jun 08, 2016
I'm a genius 'cause I bought four of them XD Mom only knows about the two