Bertholdt x Reader

Bertholdt x Reader

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Certified_Fangirl01 By Certified_Fangirl01 Updated Jul 07, 2015

Hey, MissMangaReader and I wanted to clue you in on a few things.

1) This is my first book so please reply on anything that is wrong or you think it could be better

2) Since this is an Reader Inserted sorry there will be a few symbols to remember

(h/c)-hair color

(e/c)- eye color

(f/s)-favorite song

(f/c)- favorite color

(f/n)-first name

(l/n)-	last name

sadistischeSardine sadistischeSardine Apr 22, 2017
I'm scared of clowns and puppets  (?) And a little bit if spiders. The worst are puppets of clowns
Devilslittlegirl318 Devilslittlegirl318 Sep 04, 2017
I'm scared of clowns, but Spiders are okay for me now. Clowns are evil
I am only scared of words spelled the same backwards and forwards 
                              (Go ahead and laugh yeah yeah)
KittyKat747 KittyKat747 Apr 29, 2017
Naww spiders are cute!!! No seriously have you seen Muffet?!
pastelfox515 pastelfox515 Jul 29, 2017
I'm not afraid of clowns or thunder but I do have monophobia, trypophodia and of course arachnophobia
TheWriterBird TheWriterBird Jul 04, 2017
I'm not really scared of spiders since I petted a tranturla  (is that how u spell it?) It's so soft!! But clowns are just scary af.